Let’s Make California ‘Golden’ Again

Charlie Schaupp is truly the best pick for the 4th Assembly District. In this wide-open race for the seat being vacated by termed-out Assemblywoman Mariko Yamada, Charlie is one of five candidates. Yet Charlie stands out amongst those five as being the best-qualified to represent our communities.

LtCol Schaupp speaks at the Northern California National Veteran’s  Cemetery in Igo, 2007

LtCol Schaupp speaks at the Northern California National Veteran’s Cemetery in Igo, 2007

Charlie Schaupp is a farmer and veteran. His family has been farming in our area area since the 1880s. A former officer of the United States Marine Corps, Iraq War veteran, former elected school board member, Charlie currently serves as a director of the Esparto Community Services District.

Charlie earned an associate degree in agricultural business from Yuba College and a bachelor’s degree in soil and water science from Chico State University. He also studied viticulture and enology in a graduate program.

Charlie and family

Charlie’s father Clarence, Charlie, and brother Bob on the Schaupp Ranch circa 1998

His experience and abilities demonstrate that Charlie clearly knows how to deal with government bureacracy—and he is eager to begin reducing those regulations levied on farms, small businesses and vineyards. Additionally, Charlie Schaupp is an expert in water and soil issues, both concerns that our district faces now and will continue to affect us in the future.

“We can change the direction in Sacramento and bring back trust, confidence and honestly to our state government. But in order to do that I need your help. Please get involved. Together let’s get California headed to once again become the ‘Golden State’ of opportunity.”
~Charlie Schaupp


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    Campaign Update 4th AD: I've been 'working' the GOP booth at the Yolo County Fair the past few days. I brought this old Capitol out of 16 years in 'Barn Storage' on our ranch (I built this model in 1997)...and guess what...Yolo County GOP was awarded 1st Place Exhibitor! I spent almost 4 days repairing and restoring it to its former glory...after 16 years is was in poor shape. But.... We 'smoked' the Democrats and everyone else. Now...Let's keep it rolling through November!!! HooooRaaaah! (2 photos) ...

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    News from the Past--Charlie Schaupp-- : Here's an old one from my files. I was Staff Secretary (Secretary to the Chief of Staff and Commanding General) of 2nd Marine Amphibious Force (Fwd) in Strong Resolve 1995. We boarded the Amphibious Aircraft and Landing Force Carrier Wasp off North Carolina and proceeded to Rota, Spain...Circled a few day because the situation in Bosnia was heating up, then when cleared of the Bosnia mission, we headed up to Norway for amphibious landing operations with the Norwegian Armed Forces. This was one of the more interesting billets I ever had. I literally had to 'guard the door' of the VTC (Video Teleconferences) with members of the Joint Chief and NATO commanders in their discussions with the Amphibious Task Force Commander and the Landing Force Commander. Good memories! ...

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U.S. Title 10 Disclaimer: LtCol Charles Schaupp is a retired member of the U.S. Marines. Use of his military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Navy or the Department of Defense.